• Sphere of activity:
  • The manufacture and supply of spare parts for equipment of confectionery and tobacco factories.
  • Experience of work:
  • 20 years of mutually beneficial cooperation with major confectionery and tobacco factories in Ukraine.

"Unirem" Scientific and Production Company founded with the support of Academy of Sciences of Ukrain, launched production of spare parts for equipment of food industry, in particular to cigarette production and confectionery equipment. The fleet of universal metalworking equipment, high-qualified personnel and high-tech industrial products allow "Unirem" Scientific and Production Company to compete in quality with analogue foreign companies. At the same time, we benefit greatly thanks to the operational efficiency in fullfilment of orders and pricing policy flexibility. Since 1998 we mutually cooperate and have fruitful contacts with leading manufacturers of cigarettes and confectionery products in Ukraine. After thorough study of peculiarities and specific operation of food processing equipment, we have accumulated a lot of experience, wich allows to solve various technical problems using the latest scientific and technical methods of manufacturing and processing of products, using new materials (ceramics, metal) and wear-resistant coating (sprayng, welding).