Grinding work

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Grinding – the process of cutting metal using an abrasive tool, the cutting element of which are the grain. Grain having a high hardness, thermal stability and sharp edges, are connected by special bonding agents in grinding wheels, segments, heads, sticks and emery; used grain in the form of pastes and powders.
   Our specialists in metal processing, the most efficiently perform grinding operation of various types on modern equipment.

We perform:
  • -flat grinding;
  • -flat-carousel grinding;
  • -round-outer grinding;
  • -round-internal grinding.

The advantages of flat-carousel grinding is, that you can grind the plane of various disc details, knives, etc. without deformation of the processed material. Maximal diameter of detail no more than 500 mm. Our company accepts orders of any complexity. if necessary, our staff will conduct a detailed consultation on any issues. We guarantee 100% quality of the domestic manufacturer, and reasonable prices.

Milling work


The mill operation in the technological process of production of parts is very important. Due to this operation it is possible to produce more exact sizes of some elements of detail, than at casting. The primary tools for conducting this operation is a milling cutter is rigidly mounted on the shaft milling machine. Due to the high rpm of the cutter and feed the workpiece to the desired angle, direction and speed, the metal billet is removed quite easily and with high accuracy.

Basic types of milling operations:
  • -facing (milling large surfaces)
  • -end milling (grooves, undercuts, grooves, pockets, wells, windows)

Tool grinding work


Maintain cutting tools in a serviceable condition ensure prompt and timely sharpening – grinding the working surfaces of the tool. Technology sharpening works is very diverse and is determined by the material and geometry of cutting tool. Circles of diamond and CBN (shape and size) for sharpening metallurgico tool are selected depending on the type of the treated surface. The open surfaces are the rear surface of the tool when sharpening, which ensures free access of the grinding wheel in the direction of the longitudinal feed and in a perpendicular direction. For grinding the back surface used circles types 12А2-45, 12V5-45, 11V9-70, 12V9. Semi-open surfaces of the tool are such that when sharpening of which is limited yield of the grinding wheel in one direction. Such surfaces include the back surface of the end tool and front surface of the shell tool. To the closed surfaces include work surfaces of the tool when sharpening, which is limited in output range as in the direction tangent to the flow and perpendicular to it direction. This is the front end surface of the tool. For grinding of semi-open surfaces of the end tool is recommended rounds of 1V1 type instead of used for these operations 11A2. When grinding the front surfaces of the important choice of the width of the start circle. In this regard, it is recommended to apply disc circles types 12R4, 4A2, 12A2-20, 12V5-20, the minimum width of the working surface of which is equal to 2-3 mm. regardless of the diameter.

The main purpose of the grinding process of cutting tools is as follows:
  • - providing optimum geometric parameters of the cutting tool, contributing to improve its durability, and the precision and processing performance;
  • - ensuring the specified limits of the roughness of the sharpened surfaces of the tool;
  • - save and restore the cutting properties of the tool, with minimum changes in its surface layers;
  • - ensure economical operation of the tool.

Gear-cutting work


The gear-cutting is a type of machining. The company will perform all types of gear cutting: gear cutting, cutting bevel gears, worm gear including worm gear, spline connection, herringbone gearing, and others. Our organization has a powerful enough tool section to perform gear-cutting according to customer drawings. For the gear works, our workshop uses a modular cutters and swotting. Depending on the method of gear-cutting used modular disk or finger milling cutters and gear-cutting heads to work by copying, cutting comb, worm milling cutters, shaper cutters, gear planing cutters and cutting heads to operate method of running. Disk cutter is shaped and has a relief in the tooth profile in a radial plane corresponds to the profile of the trench cut gears. Finger cutter - module cutter with relief tooth, mainly applied to cut helical and spur gears with the module of more than 20 mm. The profile milling cutter in the axial cross section when cutting cylindrical gears of spur fit the profile of the depression of the wheel. Cutters for cutting herringbone or helical gears have a more complex profile. In the process of gear cutting works cutting head is used for simultaneously cutting all of the depressions gears in several passes. The profile of the working part of each cutter is a replica of the cavity between the teeth.