Gumming of shafts


"Unirem" offers professional gumming of shafts high quality raw materials. In any industry (and virtually in any field) there are aggregates, proper operation of which is impossible without a rubber-coated metal parts. It can be shafts, rollers, drums and more. The main purpose of rubber-coating protection of metal surfaces from the damaging effects of the environment. It is as chemical compounds, and simple mechanical friction. Rubber is elastic, resistant to mechanical deformation. In addition, the rubber cover hides the vibration that allows you to lower the noise level by almost a third. All together, it means one thing: rubber-coating of elements extends the life of the whole structure and significantly increases the efficiency of its work.

Our company gumming metal by several techniques:
  • -cold vulcanization;
  • -hot vulcanization;
  • -the plates on the bolts

The team of "Unirem" is not in place. We constantly study the latest technical development and create an original mixture of high-strength rubber based on imported rubber is of excellent quality. Furthermore, a more high adhesion indicators, our specialists use high-quality foreign glue mixture.