Sphere of activity:

Manufacture and supply of spare parts for equipment confectionery and tobacco factories.

Work experience:

20 years of mutually beneficial cooperation with large confectioneries and tobacco factories of Ukraine.

   Development and strengthening of the domestic confectionery and tobacco industry impossible without the introduction of modern equipment and improvement technologies. Following this rule, many factories in Ukraine are active modernize their production base by purchasing the latest machines and equipment of advanced European manufacturers - Germany, France, England, Italy. To maintain the high performance of the equipment there is a constant need for supply of imported spare parts and mechanisms. Research and production firm "Unirem" set itself the task of establishing the production of domestic spare parts. Park of universal metalworking equipment, qualified specialists and a high level production technologies allow our products to successfully compete in quality with similar foreign. In this case, we will benefit significantly due to the efficiency of orders and flexibility of pricing policy. We have been cooperating mutually beneficially for many years and we have fruitful contacts with many manufacturers in Ukraine. Having thoroughly studied features and specifics of operation of almost all imported equipment, we have accumulated vast experience that allows you to solve any technical problems with the application the latest scientific and technical methods of manufacturing and processing products.

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